Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Babbling

I figure I better get at least one post a week done. We've been pretty busy this week- but nothing fun has happened!
It is finals week and I am pretty stressed. I have 10 essays to turn in tomorrow and a final exam and then I am FREE! Well, til September at least :)
Ryker is changing a lot. We have stopped swaddling and it is taking some getting used to for him. He is just so active that he thinks that since he can move now, bed time is play time :) Speaking of moving, he is CRAWLING! Well, taking a few little "crawls" forward. He's getting the hang of it now, but at first he would get up on his tippy toes or leap frog forward. I LOVE IT! But, now I am in for it!
We got a bath seat for him and he acts like such a big boy! He's growing like a weed and I go to put an outfit on and it is WAY too small...where did time go?
Ryker also has a little cold, this weather is really not fun!
Here is a picture to break up the monotony of me babbling:
Dustin and his brother Colby practicing with the blowdart gun.What are they going to shoot? Squirrells, or so they say :) I took the picture because man, they look and act EXACTALLY the same!
The snakes are GONE! YAY! My house still faintly smells of liquid ginger which they spray to kill the snakes (weird, I know). We are getting a new neighbor upstairs, my cousin is moving in in the next couple of weeks.
Ryker took his first long ride down to Riverton yesterday. We went to see my....umm we'll just say we're related...Michelle and Bendy. They adopted Skylar and we are so happy to have him in our family. I didn't get a picture, dangit, but he's such a cute kid!
Ryker did well with the ride but man was he sick of the car! 5 hours almost straight is not fun for anyone!
Speaking of cars, funny story...I went outside of my grandparent's house the other day and this is what I saw:Which one is my car? My cousin got the EXACT same car as me! (Mine's the closer one incase you're wondering :)

This became quite a long post, but I just want to capture everything!

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