Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Chance

We took advantage of our last chance to go to the zoo last week. I don't want it to get cold, especially since Ryker will be walking soon. What will I do in this little cracker box I call my home?!?
The zoo is so fun and Ryker actually really enjoyed it this time. He watched the monkeys very closely (maybe to learn their ways, I threaten to leave him there everytime we go...such a monkey!) Speaking of monkeys, that is what Ryker is being for Halloween and I am so excited- this coming from the girl who would rather lock her doors, turn off all the lights and hide when Halloween rolls around...
Where were we? Oh yeah, the zoo. Here are pictures (my camera, or the operator (me, not Kristi) clearly sucks at taking pictures, so please bear with me! Also, I look bad and can't figure out why...)
Baby elephant Zirri- SO cute!
Fun times!


There are many things to smile about everyday. I smile because I know that no other job on earth allows you to have a giggling baby climbing all over you while you are happily cleaning. I love staying at home! Here are some silly adventures from the past few weeks:

We also dressed him up in his Alcatraz outfit that my mom got on her trip a little while ago. It says "Alcatraz Penitentary never saw me." So cute!

Then tere is Ryker's silly way of sleeping. He is always wiggling and moving. This is how I found him during his nap the other day...

That my friends, is an ear next to a foot...
He keeps me on my toes!


Since I am getting into the crafting mode (more to keep myself busy and avoid my homework :)
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Growing up...

I have been a slacker. Ryker is starting to get big SO fast and I haven't been keeping up well. In the last month, he:
Said his first words: Mama, Banana, Apple, Dada, Grandma...
Got very fast at crawling and "mogely walking"
Started to stand on his own
Shakes his head "no-no-no" all the time (but thankfully doesn't get the meaning...yet)
Gives lots of lovies and kisses
And I am sure lots more that I have missed.
He is so dang fun, I can't stand it. He is busy as a bee all the time, so that is why my house looks like it does :)
Here are some recent pictures:

Silly faces!

Riding to the dam...kind of a tight fit! :)
Nothing better than swimming naked while eating licorice!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

2 years ago...Honeymoon in Mexico
We headed to Wendover this weekend for a late anniversary celebration. It was SO much fun! It was the first time I have left Ryker so I was very nervous, but it turned out great!

We stayed at the Montego Bay and went to Gary Allan last night. His concert was SO much fun! He is a great performer and it was a little bit rock and roll too. I had called to see if cameras were allowed and they told me know...well we get there and they were allowed. I was so mad! We have a few fuzzy, far away pictures from my phone but I will spare you and let you look at a good picture of him.

We actually saw some friends from high school there and went to the Red Garter with them for a little while and watched them lose their money :) All in all it was a great night. We enjoyed getting away and having some time to ourselves.

Our room...had to get one picture of something! :)

I was worried sick about Ryker when we first left but he fell asleep no problem but then decided that his wake up time would be 4:30 am. My mom said he was very good, just a little confused. I am so glad and love my little man so much.

It has been a crazy 2 years filled with work, school, changing jobs, having a baby, house shopping and finally getting our dream house...and a lot of love along the way. It has been a lot of fun and I am so looking forward to the adventures to come with my two guys! Love you both SO SO SO much!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chicken without a head

That is what I feel like today, and yesterday. The worst of it all? I don't have ANY motivation to do ANYTHING productive. Crafting? I have all the energy but zero talent. I got out my dusty sewing machine to "hurry" and "whip together" a cover for Ryker's highchair. It HAD to be done yesterday because the poor guy sits with his legs up because it is cracked and scratches him. So, I fought with the bobbin (who invented THOSE?!?), couldn't unscrew the needle to replace it, failed at sewing the ribbon on...then gave up.
Meanwhile, my homework is also collecting dust and I have a bazillion things to do around the house...
Ever have those days? I feel so...unsuccessful. I need a vacation, good thing I am getting one in 2 days! YAY! But also :( I will miss the little one so much it hurts.
PS- this too shall pass and I know that he said it wouldn't be easy, just worth it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My love...

GARY ALLAN! :) Sorry Dustin, I love him...

We are going to the Gary Allan concert a week from today and I am SO SO SO excited. I even had a dream- I was madly in love and Gary and I ran off together. (A girl can dream right...)
Anyways, I updated my playlist to gear myself up because this will be the first time that I am going to leave Ryker for more than like 4 hours. It's overnight, in Wendover- way too far to come back to kiss him goodnight. I hope I survive.

Are you also wiping the drool off? :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Say "Elk"...

That seems to be Dustin's new goal in life- for Ryker to say "elk". I think that he would be more excited if he said that than "daddy"!

So on Labor day we went and saw a real. life. ELK! Ryker loved it and especially loved spending time with his daddy! Who needs the monkey or the elephant or the tigers...we want to see elk!

I haven't posted in a while so check out the updates below too.

Here Ducky Ducky

Ryker loves to go to the park and especially loves feeding the ducks. We have been to so many parks so many times this summer...I just love it!
I think the reason he likes it is because he can eat the bread
The little old couple- I can see them at 90 still going to feed the ducks :)


Dustin's family has land up Monte Cristo and we had never taken advantage of this nice camping spot as a family. It is usually reserved for the hunters only :) but since we all have families now, the whole family went up for a few weekends. There is a park, which is AWESOME for the kids and FLUSHING TOILETS (my idea of camping). Thanks to Josh and Nat we got a great ride- the Terex and so it would seem that our camping trip would be perfect...but NO!
Ryker is not and has never been a good sleeper. That is especially true when we are not at home. Well, having 7 people in his parent's trailer and him waking up at midnight screaming wasn't my idea of fun. It SUCKED! Come to find out the poor guy had hand-foot-and mouth disease! Anyways, I vow not to take him camping again until next year. Hopefully it gets easier when he is older...
I got to go scout for elk with the guys and we saw 3 spikes. It was fun, but not fun enough that I would want to go every weekend! Dustin tried to bow hunt...having never shot a bow before...needless to say he didn't get one :) Next up- rifle deer hunt.