Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Hey everyone,
We had a great Christmas at our house! I got a coat from Dustin, straightener, shirt and watch from my inlaws and mostly money from everyone else. Dustin got candy from us (hard to make it to the store with the little one), fly tying stuff and money. Ryker got a monkey gym, rocking horse and playpen along with clothes and a few small toys.
I have to share his cute picture. He is looking too old!
We are still waiting for the sleep issue to resolve itself. We are grateful that he only wakes up twice per night at about 1-2 and 4-5, but he thinks that he's supposed to be awake for the day at 5 am...I am a sleeper and he is not so it's tough. We are increasing and changing his reflux medicine because he is spitting up like crazy lately and it seems to hurt him.
I start school again on January 5th and am pretty nervous about juggling a baby, housework and school. Dustin is always willing to help along with my mom and wonderful family, so I should be fine.
Dustin has sold his dirtbike and hopefully we will sell his snowmobile this week.
Things are going well for the Nielsen family, hope you are all well also.
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bath Time!

Hey everyone,
So I just had to show you how cute this is. Since we are so busy with Christmas parties and other fun stuff, I must just wear Ryker out. He has a bath before bed every night and this is one of his favorite parts of the day. Well last night he must have been tuckered out- here he is:

Oh so cute!

Also, he is starting to love sitting in his boppy pillow and I took a page out of Ashlee Ward's book and started reading to him while he sits in it. He is just too active so he makes it through about 3/4 of a book before he's ready to be kicking and moving and talking.

Love and Merry Christmas,
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker Nielsen

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Kel!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our niece Nikelle on Sunday! We went to Hardware Ranch yesterday to see the elk for her birthday. She LOVES elk and the outdoors. There were quite a few cows but we're going to go up after these snow storms to see some big bulls. Thanks Cindy for watching Ryker so that I could enjoy the ride.
Kel is so fun. So big for her age and she just loves Baby Ryker. She has loved him since day one, even when I was pregnant and now she can't get enough of him. She is a great cousin!

Kel and her Mom Kristi

Kristi, Colby and Kel
(Colby is Dustin's Brother- can you see the resemblence? Nielsen's through and through)
The Biggest Bull There
The Family
left to right: Friends: Lonny and Phalecia, Little Brother-Colten, Kristi, Kel, Colby, Me, Dustin and My Father in Law Scott

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not For Me

Hey Everyone,
So ignore the last post. I am no longer letting him cry it out because it was not working and was making me a nervous wreck. He is still sick and has a hourse little throat, probably from me letting him cry when it was impossible for him to sleep because he feels icky.
Anyways, last night he slept for three hours at a time and woke up this morning after about 3 quite a bit just because he didn't feel good. We may be going to the doctor yet again because he is starting to bat at his ears.
Crying it out is not for me- yet. I want him to learn to go to sleep on his own but both of us need to be ready and I can't do it out of desperation. For now, we're going to work on a routine and figure out how much sleep he truly needs because I really think he needs less naps than most kids his age. I just want my happy baby that he truly is and yesterday he cried even when I held him- probably a bit traumatized.
Thanks for advice and listening to me groan. This being a mom stuff is not for wimps and I really am beginning to realize there isn't a right answer for everything because every baby is different.
We're happy today- more smiles and less crying. Makes the future a little brighter- even if I am up 3 times a night.
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sleeping Wars

Hey Everyone,
That's what I feel like we are having at our house- sleeping wars. Ryker has slowly started to sleep worse and worse, and I really don't get it! Getting up 4 times in one night doesn't really seem right when he has gone almost a week with just 2 wakings per night. Anyways, I started feeling really weak and dizzy last night and I think that it is just stress about him sleeping along with exhaustion. With school starting in 3 short weeks-something had to be done.
Today I re-read my "Becoming BabyWise" book and decided that I needed to implement their plan. The BabyWise Plan is basically that you go through feed-wake-nap cycles (in that order) throughout the day so that your baby will sleep better at night. They also suggest laying your baby down when they are drowsy but still awake so they can learn to go to sleep by themselves.
I feel like the worst mom ever because he is crying in the other room right now because I layed him down. I know he is so tired because he has barely slept today and was almost falling asleep in his bounceer, but he just cries. He is fed, changed and not in pain or sick so I feel a little better knowing he is alright. I check on him and calm him down every 5 minutes but it still takes him a while to fall asleep. Anyways, I was just wondering if any of you have any suggestions or went through the same thing. Also, let me know if you know a better way and/or think I am completely mean and heartless- cuz man I feel like it right now!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey everyone,

Yep, we're sick at our house this week. I have had a cold for about 4 days and woke up the night before last with a 101.4 fever- awful. Dustin got a sore throat but I don't think that he'll get much worse. I was so worried about Ryker catching it and of course he did. I feel so bad but what do you do when you're nursing and the only one home with him during the day?

We went to the doctor and all is well, no RSV. He just has a lot of mucus. It is so sad to see your baby sick. He is acting alright though, no crying just a little more clingy. He is jabbering like crazy these days!

He now weighs- ready for this? I was shocked- 8 pounds 14 ounces! He's not the chicken little at 6 pounds that we brought home!

Here are some pictures- still cute while he's sick!

As you will notice in the pictures, he scratched his cheek TWICE in the same spot!

Hopefully we will get feeling better soon- the doctor says that we are probably over the worst of it.


Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

Monday, December 8, 2008

One Month Old

Ryker is already one month old (on Friday)! I cannot believe we have had him for that long. I truly don't remember or miss life before him!
He is so big. Things he can do- hold his head up (amazing that he has done this since birth), 'stand up' and about wiggle out of your arms (do they make jumparoo's for 7 pound one month olds?), crack a half smile, coo mostly at his toys and roll over from belly to back.
There are a few things that I have learned in the past few weeks.
1. Cheap diapers work good. Watch out for pee when you change a boy (still working on that, he peed all over twice today!)
2. He is the only person I will kiss and say 'I love you' to after he pukes/poops/farts/burps :)
3. Not getting a full nights sleep isn't that bad and when you wake up to a happy healthy baby in the morning, you literally forget about the night before.

4. Having a baby is the best thing that has ever happened to Dustin and I. We love each other more than ever and he adds a bond that I can't describe.

5. He is truly an angel. We have had way too many losses this year, but if Heavenly Father needed all of those people just so we could get Ryker, I am truly grateful.

Speaking of losses...we have had two more in my family, bringing the total to 4 this year. My mom's cousin (so I guess my second cousin) and his wife (Curtis and Tammy Anderson) were killed in the bad wreck in Sardine Canyon on Friday night. They leave behind their two children and the rest of their family who will miss them deeply. Too sad and too many losses this year. Hopefully 2009 is better!

I have to share the so cute pictures that we had taken this weekend...

My favorite

I'll have to post my Christmas card/birth announcement next time.
Lots of love,
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unique Things About Us

Hey everyone,
I was tagged by Chelsie to post 6 Unique or Disturbing things about us. Here they are....

1. Dustin and I are both picky eaters. I hate red meat (but eat it if I have to), chocolate (will not eat at all, the smell makes me gag). Dustin only eats meat and potatoes. He will occassionally step out of his comfort zone but he hates all vegetables except corn.

2. I swear I was pregnant with Ryker in January because I was really nauseous that whole month. But, based on all our ultrasounds and the day he arrived, I wasn't pregnant till February. I felt like I was pregnant for 10 months.

3. Dustin has big feet (size 12) and really long toes. He can do "thumbs up" with his huge big toe. It's really disturbing but I really should get a picture :)

4. Opposites must attract.I graduated from high school with high grades, love school and won some academic scholarships. Dustin barely graduated and hates school. He's super active and I prefer to be a homebody. He loves hamburgers and they make me ill.

5. We live in a 120 year old house. We don't have a dishwasher and our bathroom sink can't have warm water because it has opposite taps for hot and cold. It has "character" and is alright for now. I actually love it because of where we live, in the country and next to family.

6. Ryker has a few cute quirks. When he gets excited he puts one arm straight out and moves it up and down. He also has a cute sound that sounds like he's saying "uh-huh".

Picture of my little guy- he loves his changing table!

I tag to tell us 6 unique things about you- Natalee, Ashlee Ward and Bre.


Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

Monday, December 1, 2008

Remembering Grandpa

Hey everyone,
I have been meaning to post this for a long time but I just barely got the time. The night before Ryker was born (Nov. 4th) my sweet grandpa Clynn passed away. He is my dad's dad and just came into my life 2 years ago. I didn't know any of my father's family until his passing 2 years ago and then I met my grandparents and half-sister Amanda. They are all the best people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Grandpa was a jokester and he always was upbeat. He has been sick for a while but still remained active with all of us. He was so fun and always would give the best compliments. I was his "pal" and he was a blessing in my life.
I know he went up and sent Ryker on a "rush delivery". I told him the night he passed that he better take care of my little one but send him quick (I was already having contractions.)
His funeral was amazing. He had planned it with my grandma and boy did it turn out perfect. The family all sang "As I have Loved You" at the end and it really is the perfect song for such an awesome guy.
So sad to see a great man like this go but I know he is up there with my dad and many others that have passed on. So glad he got to meet my little guy and spend time with him.
"Love ya, bye"-Pal