Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Old Man

Hey everyone,
Not sure if anyone reads this but I need to blog to keep the memories for me, so here goes...
Ryker has been really silly lately. He loves to make noises with his tounge, hum very loudly while he is going to sleep and especially make this face:

He looks like such an old man without teeth!So dang cute!

One word- mischief!
He is teething though and is very ornery...I hate ornery! Hopefully that passes soon.
Everyday he is getting better and better at getting up on those little legs. He wants to crawl so so bad and is always climbing all over Dustin.
On another note- we still have snakes- yes snakes as in plural. How many you ask? Over 50. 5-0! There have been like 10 in the house and I am so paranoid. I dropped a piece of spaghetti on my foot tonight and nearly fainted because I thought it was another one. I also slept in my ugg boots last night because Ryker was getting up every 2 minutes for the first half of the night and I was so terrified of stepping on a snake- I'm losing it! We are exterminating but they are everywhere this year and our neighbors are having problems too. Until the day there are no more, we are living at Grandma's during the day so Ryker can play on the floor.
That's what is going on in our house right now- also hating this weather.
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker


...will and bobbi... said...

He is so cute! OH MY! I hate snakes. I would sleep in my boots too!

Shannon said...

You have to be kidding that there are snakes in your house. I think i would die. I used to see snakes in my parents backyard when I was younger and I refused to go out there forever. Oh that makes me sick just thinking about it.

Lisa and Brady said...

Ryker is SO Cute!! Eew! I would sleep in my Ugg's too! I HATE snakes!

Steve and Chelsie said...

SNAKES??? I hate snakes! Hopefully that exterminator comes soon!!

Oakstream Photography said...

OMGOSH I can't believe how big he is! Dang they grow way too fast!

I read your blog...so always keep blog'n ;-) PLUS it's great for you to document your lil guy cause you can make a book out of your blog posts. He'll treasure it when he's older!!!!!!