Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is how I keep my self busy while Mommy is cleaning...

I am a pretty good dishwasher! I could do this for hours.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Along with all of the fun, exciting events, this past week has been full of trials for me (Ashley). At times like these you just want someone to talk to. Often times, the person you really want to talk to isn't available. There is plenty of support but I really like an outside opinion and someone who will just listen.
At times like these I turn to my Heavenly Father. I love primary songs and have been repeating the words to "Choose the Right" and "God Be With You Till' We Meet Again" to myself all day and at night when I can't sleep.
Prayer is all the more sacred to me and I now find myself praying at least once an hour. I am not trying to sound "holier than thou" by writing this but I think that I really need to bear my testimony and fast Sunday is a ways away.
Reading conference talks has been one of the only ways that I have been able to understand what is going on and why things are unfolding like they are. I gained a strong testimony of the growth that we receive from trials when my step-dad and grandfather died just before Ryker was born. I am so grateful for those precious times.
I write this blog for Ryker, so that he can know what events were important when he was small and so he can gain a heritage. I wanted to share a little bit so that I don't forget these times and the immense growth that comes with trial.
"There comes a time in everyone’s life when he or she must turn to our Heavenly Father for help and have faith in His eternal wisdom. During times of trial and repentance, we feel only the pain. But after the pain has gone, we begin to understand."
Although ultimately the trials I am going through are going to be resolved by other people's decisions, I am learning to have faith in His plan. I can't control anything or anyone, but I find peace in knowing that it will all be okay in one way or another.
I just want my family that reads this to know how much I truly love everyone. I have gotten so much closer to them already and know that this will continue. I want my son to know (when he can read :) that I believe in my Heavenly Father and His eternal plan and that happiness comes from choosing the right.
I hope that I can come out of this time a stronger person with stronger faith.

9 Months

We went in for our little guy's 9 month check up and found out...he really is a little guy!

He is tipping the scales at 15.44 pounds, just .6 pounds more than his 6 month check up. So as if parenting isn't already full of worries, I now have to worry that there is something wrong because he is now in the ZERO percentile. His acid reflux and the hard month we just had with that is probably to blame. He is perfectly healthy and super active, so the Dr. just wants a weight check in a month. Until then, it's nothing but junk junk, junk! Just kidding- I don't need him even more wired!

As far as milestones go, he is now standing on his own for about 10 seconds, babbles constantly, finds hidden toys, throws mini-tantrums which are easily resolved, sleeps for 9 hour stretches and 12-13 hours at night :), giggles constantly, loves his daddy more than anything and is becoming quite the lady killer with those baby blues (Mommy just melts when he smiles or giggles).

Come out come out where ever you are!

BIG Update

So, since our last update (which I didn't get actually posted until today...) we have had BIG changes. This:

is now our house...
that's right, pitching a tent and moving in...NOT! (Me, really camp? NO!)

We are going to build a house in the spring on a one acre lot in Providence (I will be home, YAY!) For those of you who know Providence at all, this is about 3 1/2 blocks north of the Elementary School. We are SO excited but due to stupid paper work and deciding on a house plan, we won't even start construction until Spring :( but the end is in sight! We are beyond excited and can't wait to spend the next 50 years or so right there!
PS: Thanks for those of you who suggested we buy a starter- this is going to be more affordable for us (just trust me :) and also, save us from moving to timbucktoo! We are so excited to be close to family.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 Years

Yesterday was our anniversary. We have been married for 2 whole years! It seems like just yesterday and forever sometimes. I am so proud of us and how far we have come. I am excited for the future and so happy to have our little man to complete our family.

For our anniversary we went to look at houses. We are still in love with the house in Dayton. Even more now that we have looked inside and seen the space and other goodies like a deck, SEVEN barns and the large bedrooms and bathrooms. It would be so great but we just haven't quite committed to moving that far away from everyone we love.

For our anniversary, I got a vacuum (yay! I really am excited) and I got both of us a trip to see Gary Allan in September! We went to Chilli's and my mom watched Ryker. It was a nice, relaxing, fun day with my boys!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ropes Course and Other Stuff

Last week Dustin's family had a fun day where we went to the USU ropes course. The activities included:

Blind Man's Tag

Teeter-Totter Balance

Spider Web Shuttle

Wobbly Log

50 foot Rock Wall

Zip Line!

I ate lots of candy with Grandma!

It was the most fun I have had in a long long time. The best thing was, all the cousins were there- well, the out of state ones. Treisha's kids loved Ryker and he LOVED them! We ate Mandarin Garden and homemade sweet pork burritos and zucchini bread. Good thing we got a great workout in!

Saturday we went down to SLC to visit with Dustin's Aunt Lee...she has an aggressive form of cancer but is SO upbeat and optimistic. I just loved her and she loved Ryker. (Doesn't everyone :) I am going to get a picture of the view from Aunt Fran's penthouse apartment. It is right behind the conference center and the temple is right there- GORGEOUS!

Lee and Ryker

Are you talking to ME? Grandma Zoe and Ryker

Kent and Lori

The in-laws :) Scott and Cindy

Love this picture- Cousins Tandie and Tawnee with Grandpa Dar...what is he doing?!?!

We also got to stay at my sister-in-law Kristi's while the boys went on a camping trip for Colby's birthday. Nikelle just loves Ryker and trys to help out by picking him up. He goes limp and gets this "whatever" look on his face. SO CUTE!

They don't look ANYTHING alike....

Little man in a big chair

We have had a fun week and this week is going to be crazy. Our anniversary is tomorrow and we're going to look at houses (YAY!) Thanks for your input- we are going to probably buy instead of build now, thank goodness! Building with another company other than my brother-in-law with Highcountry Homebuilders is not really an option, but those neighborhood building things sound great!

We also are going to stay over at my Grandmas for 2 days with Uncle Brad so that she can get a much deserved vacation. As for vacations, Grandma Shanna is in ALASKA...jealous.