Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping Fishy

Ryker had two new experiences this weekend. We went camping up Left Hand for the first time and he started swimming lessons and had his first dip in the pool today. He LOVED them both!

Camping was fun but it rained a lot. I only have one picture, it's of him playing on the stairs because it wasn't the best lighting in the trailer :)

I was very nervous because he had woken up screaming the past 3 nights and I finally took him to the doctor and he doubled his acid reflux medicine. I thought we'd be done with that soon but doesn't look like it...Anyways, he slept really good in the trailer! He napped better than he does at home :)

We had a great Father's day with Dustin's dad. The guys fished and we played. We rode our bikes all the way down and back up Left Hand- almost 6 miles. Almost Died...bad idea :)

About Father's Day- I am so grateful for Dustin, he has been up right along side me every night since Ryker was born. He is doing everything possible to make our lives great- even selling his 2nd love, his Camaro. This is the 2nd Camaro he has sold to help us get into a house, what a great guy! We got an offer even though it wasn't for sale...if only that could happen with the truck!

Swimming lessons were so fun! Ryker was smiling ear to ear. He loved playing "the wheels on the bus" and he even put his face in the water by himself and came up smiling. I am glad he is in these, not only for the swimming but the interaction with me, the kids and the teacher. He is so cute all decked out...
Proof that he loves the water, we feed him in the tub every night because that is the place is the happiest and the only way that we can get him to sit still :)

Getting ready for lessons this morning, I let Ryker play in his diaper bag. This is what he does...MESS! He is too smart- he knows how to open his puffy treats and he spread them all can you even see the mess when there is that cute boy right in the middle?!?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lil' Buckaroo

Here's my little buckaroo at his first rodeo! Complete with his cute ropin' hoodie and camo cowboy boots...which by the way we only own one of :(
Mommy and Ryker...Not the cutest picture but you can see his boots and my haircut. Noone really notices but it really is about 4 inches shorter! I love it!
We also played in the grass yesterday. Ryker HATES grass, especially on his hands. He would bury his feet in it but have a melt-down when it touched his hands. He was trying to crawl to me and wouldn't put his hands down in the grass. So cute!

Speaking of melt-downs, Ryker has been in such a bad mood lately. I think that it is his teeth that are bothering him but when they can't tell you what's wrong it's hard. I hope that this passes soon because I am not very patient :)

Friday, June 12, 2009


I am so excited for summer...especially since today is actually a nice day!

We are going to start swimming lessons on the 22nd and I really can't wait. I know, I know...he can't swim, but getting him used to the water and able to at least paddle is the first step and I believe the earlier the better. I decided that even if he keeps himself up for 2 seconds, the money is worth it if he ever fell in somewhere- those 2 seconds could matter.

ANYWAYS, just in time for swimming lessons I WON A SWIMMING SUIT, well one for Ryker. I am the one who really needs one, but hey.

This is his suit we should be receiving soon...

It is a black rash guard onesie that I won at from Haiden Surf. So exciting- it's like a $40 swimsuit!

Update on my camera battery- if you ask, Best Buy gives you a discount. I got $10 off just because I said I couldn't buy it now and I would have to come back! YAY- that's like 25% off! to come!

I also bought myself a swimsuit today, but it was missing the strap, so I got it for a steal. I am hoping I can hand sew well enough to just attach one because I love the suit, the price and the print. We'll see...

We are going to the rodeo tonight. It will be a late night for my buckaroo, but I guess once in a while won't hurt.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Happenings...

So, my camera battery is permanently dead and until I get a new one you will have to deal with no pictures :)
We had a really fun week! On Tuesday we went to the Hogle Zoo with Kristi, Kell, Jeri, Kaiya, Aspen and Baby Emily. We had so much fun! Ryker is still a little bit too young to get the concept but he did see a few animals and get excited. He's definately his mother's child- loves people watching!
Today we went to the Providence monument dedication for their 150 year anniversary. We met Boyd K. Packer. I shook his hand and he took Ryker's hand and said "but he won't remember this." Well I will! It was great to be in the presence of such a great man. I have been so excited all week to meet him...he's my favorite apostle (doesn't everyone have a fav?)
After that fun time, we went to a BBQ with Dustin's family. His cute cousin Traci and her cute boys are up from Arizona so she planned it all. It was so great seeing everyone because it's usually only around the holidays that we all get together. We then played Milk Carton Baseball- so fun! You just cut the bottoms off of Clorox bottles (they work better and are sturdier) and then you have to catch AND throw with just the cartons. It was so funny- you have to put them on your head until the ball is pitched. All the uncles with them on their heads was a priceless picture (did I mention that I am SO mad that my camera is dead?!?)
Ryker turned 7 months old on Friday...time flies and I cannot believe that it's less than a half year until he's one! Love that little man...he sure gets around, crawling and pulling himself up. He's just starting to walk around the furniture and stood by himself for a few seconds today! YAY and UH-OH!
It has been a fun summer already and I can't wait for more good times!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Question for you...

Hey everyone,
I need your advice. Ryker and I are enrolled in a Mommy and Me swim class at the Logan Pool. Just wondering if anyone else has taken this course or any other swimming class for babies. I just don't want to waste my time or money and don't know if he'll learn anything. I just love the water and want him to start early!
Let me know- Thanks!