Friday, April 23, 2010

All that she wants...

is this:
Remember way back when I posted this picture?

This is our lot where our house will hopefully eventually stand

Well, it looks like this now:

Yep, the same-identical-still house-less!

Good news, we are going to get our loan this week. Why in tarnation has this taken so long? Because we had to rezone, split the lot and put the lot in our name. On top of that, we have had to deal with wetland issues, an uncooperative city who drags their feet, fights over the sidewalk and about a million other stumbling blocks I don't have time to list.

But.............what's that? A light at the end of the tunnel! Water and sewer are being put in next week...perhaps I will attach a dishwasher directly to the main line, camp out and dig the foundation with a shovel. Sounds better than sitting around waiting for people to get things done!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Photoshop is my bestest friend lately. I have your typical digital camera but alas, it is not cutting it. The lighting is all wrong, there are no settings to change and monkey with...but at least I capture the fuzzy memories.

I have managed, with photoshop's help, to make some good looking pictures. This is my favorite.

I am smitten. In love. Enamoured. Totally swept off my feet.

This will hang in my new house, but until then, it will be a birthday gift for a very special someone.

PS- dear husband of mine: I always say I don't want anything, but pretty please with a cherry on top, can I have a professional camera. Loves- Ash

What kind of camera do you all have? I am lost as to what will be best.

Easter 2010

I am embarassingly late getting this up. Here was our Easter in a nutshell

The All- Boy "Basket"

That's what it's all about
My Little Man! Anyone else bummed that the Easter outfits were exchanged for pants and jackets? Ryker's Cousin/BFF
Seriously, I don't think there are better looking kids out there!
And to think that another little girl who will look exactally the same is going to arrive soon. Man-oh-man, their dad is in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!
Last, and most fun of all- our Easter basket "hunt". Each color of yarn is for a different kid. A whole scane was ran around the entire house and at the end was their prize. Seriously fun...Except for the fact that we had to crawl under it all to get into the kitchen!

Blast! No picture of the loot. He managed to swindle 2 bubble blowers (a gun and a set-on-the-floor kind) out of his Grandmas. I also managed to sway other grandmas to give him much needed spring clothes. Don't forget all the teeth-rotting candy. YUM!

Hope your Easter was great. I loved that it was also Conference weekend...really inspirational!

Disclaimer: although I do work for a dentist, I do in fact, still give Ryker candy. Shame. On. Me!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Till' We Meet

What a,, 4 years. I lost another person I love last Monday. My cousin, Steven James Duncan passed away from kidney failure from diabetes. He was only 19 :(

I felt a loss that was so new for me. At the funeral yesterday, I felt a real aching because I miss Stevie, his mom Holly (who died 4 years ago from cancer), my step-dad Steve (who died of kidney failure 3 weeks before Ryker was born) and my grandpa Clynn (who died the night before Ryker was born). It was a physical ache unlike any other. Along with that ache came times of great peace.

Yesterday was Good Friday. The day that our Savior uttered the words "it is finished". The presiding bishop yesterday said it so well. Even though Jesus died, it was the best day in history because of all that it meant to the world.

I am so grateful for the gospel and the plan of happiness!