Friday, October 9, 2009


Ryker is changing so fast and learning so many things! In the past week he has learned to:
  • Give a high-five!
  • Say "uh-oh"
  • Take 2-3 steps!
  • Laugh out loud to get our attention (he thinks he is so neat!)
  • Make a lot more sounds that sounds like talking
  • Make me so proud and happy!
I am going to start an AVON fundraiser (see previous post) for the Billings family special needs children. They have 9 adopted children all with special needs. They were gunned down for absolutely no reason in their own home in Florida. Now their oldest daughter is raising all 9, trying to keep up with 2 mortgages and the will her parents had is not valid (can you IMAGINE
?!?) I was shocked that they had only had $1100 donated to them! 40% of the price of all products ordered will go to their children. Read more about the family by clicking on the picture (they were on Oprah yesterday).
I will post a link so that you can buy the products (lotion, bubble bath, body wash, body spray and hand sanitizer). If you would be willing to help by circulating flyers to your neighborhood or ward I will give you a free gift! Thanks!

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