Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Enjoying Autumn...

I call it autumn because Dustin thinks saying fall is kind of weird...I know, there are only two seasons in Utah- Freezing and Blistering hot. I love the way too short in between seasons, except for Halloween. I hate Halloween...I know, it's almost worse than hating Christmas to some people!

We have been out and about enjoying the good weather that has now left. The highlight was playing outside in the sand box with trucks. Entertained my little man for almost 2 hours!

Today we went to the Pumpkin Walk. It apparently ended last night (why so early?!) Anyways, between the freezing cold, having my keys locked in my car and a slightly runny nose...Ryker and I survived and had some fun with his cousin.

I was very proud of myself today. I had my niece who is almost 3 and Ryker. Somehow, I managed to still pull off my "autumn supper". The menu included potato corn turkey chowder and pumpkin rolls. Seriously DE. LISH! and super easy. Check out the soup recipe here. Try to withhold your laughter when looking at my rolls. They look a lot like the carved pumpkins are looking this late in the season...droopy, misshapen, just plain ugly. Oh well, it was fun! I just rolled them in orange food coloring and then put a stem on top...ta da!
It's okay to look away :) Dustin refused to eat them...

I LOVE AUTUMN! Seems that it has now passed...oh well, there is still Thanksgiving to look forward to before I have to submit to winter fully!

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