Monday, July 7, 2008

Where we live

Hi everyone,

Just thought that I would write a quick blog about where we live and how much I LOVE it here.
We live in Benson, just outside of Logan and everyone thinks that it is in the middle of nowhere. Well, there are so many reasons why I love living in the country and I'll show you a few.

The drive to my house is peaceful. The five minutes I spend on airport road gives me time to relax before I get home. The best part is the view though. Here's the proof, although it is much prettier in real life.

The second thing I just love about our house is the fact that we don't share with anyone. We have a house, modest as it is, but we love our privacy and freedom. I enjoy having a yard and all my fun plants. I go out a pick my strawberries every morning and will soon be picking my raspberries.
I canned 5 pints of strawberry jam this morning and am VERY proud of myself because it was my first canning experience on my own. Turned out well and hopefully some of you will be receiving some soon.

Our garden is blossoming (Thanks to grandpa Jay who lives next door, it's actually his but we get to steal yummy food).

My rose bushes are out of control. This picture is from about a week ago, but they are now covering all the plants. I love pretty plants that I can't kill.

The view from my front porch is great. I can look and see the mountains and fields without houses everywhere. I am really excited to be able to take our baby to see the animals including the ducks that sometimes come to the little pond near our house.

I wish that you could see the view out our back window at night. We can see all of Logan and Smithfield. I wouldn't give up our view for anything, which is funny because we are not even on a bench.

There are about a million more reasons why I love where we live and about a million reasons I don't like my house itself but I wouldn't trade it for anything right now. We won't be in this house forever but little does the husband know, we'll live in Benson forever if I have my way.

Let me know about why you love where you live. Home is my favorite place to be and I'm sure that is true for most of us.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, sorry it is so long. Soon to come- hopefully names that we like for the baby (see my baby names on the right side to see the names I (Ashley) please) and also soon to come.... pictures of my ever expanding belly :)

Lots of Love,
Ashley, Dustin and Baby Boy


josh and nat said...

it looks like your garden is doing good! we will have to try some of your jam!!

josh and nat said...

well dustin says he is sleeping over every night that I am gone!! So I guess they have plans of there own, like tonight fishing til 10!! have a good week!