Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Gift Ideas

Hi Everyone,
Since we have a little one arriving soon we are being asked what we need for the little guy. To make your lives a little bit easier if you are planning on getting a gift, I thought we would let you know what would be most helpful. We truly appreciate all that you all do for us and will welcome gifts of any kind- especially love and support!

What we need:
Diapers (We are planning on using Pamper's brand)
Diaper changing station items
Onesies in all sizes
Long and short sleeve, any colors
Clothing of any kind
Burp Cloths
Baby first aid kit items
Newborn Hats
Bathing tub
Bathing supplies
Boppy Pillow
Bumbo Chair
Automobile Seat Saver/Protector (Stork Landing)

Things that we already have:
Swings and bouncer seats
Baby Monitor
Diaper Geenie
Crib bedding
Size 3 shoes (who knew everything I would be given would be size 3?!?)
Bottles and bottle accesories
Play Pen

Thanks so much!
Dustin, Ashley and Baby ?Ryker? Nielsen!

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