Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hey everyone!
It has been a while since I have posted.
In the last two weeks we have....
Sold all 10 puppies!
Inherited 5 stray cats (sadly, 2 have since died)
Sold my car!
Organized our whole house!
Found out that we will get neighbors upstairs in a couple months :(
Found all our baby furniture!
Grown many inches and baby has decided that he's in the Olympics-I swear he never stops moving!
Started childbirth classes!
And been going nuts!

Now the race is on to find a new car. Word to the wise, do not car shop when pregnant and emotional. I feel so anxious and just want to find what I am looking for! We will, patience just isn't one of my strong points. We're going to go shop all day tomorrow so wish us luck!

Baby is moving so much lately. I think that he decided he wants to be in the Olympics too. It's so fun though! We started childbirth classes and boy did Dustin enjoy those ;) Our doctor will be moving in two weeks so we have one more appointment with her then change doctors :(
We still have no name for baby and could still use your help- Vote on Button on the left under baby calculator.

Belly Shot- Compare to the last one-WHOA!!!

Love, Dustin, Ashley and Baby Nielsen

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...will and bobbi... said...

Hi Ashley...I found your blog through someone else's hope you don't mind! Congrats on the BABY BOY!! That is so exciting! I am glad to hear everything is going good for you guys!