Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Pictures

Long time no post! We have been busy! We're gearing up for summer as well as getting my AVON business off the ground. We have been busy riding bikes, going to the park, getting family pictures and other fun fun stuff!
Here are some of our pictures. My friend Eric took them- check out his website- truly the most affordable photographer in town and he does a great job!
Droll Photography

As you can see, our boy is getting BIG! He is pulling himself up like crazy, crawling really fast and is into all sorts of mischief! He has 6 teeth and is loving eating new foods!
We are still trying to sell our truck to buy a house. We found THE ONE, but it will most likely be gone by the time we get financing (sigh). So I am not getting my hopes up yet!
I am doing very well with AVON and love it! It is so easy to do with Ryker and I love that I can stay home! I'm getting ready to distribute 120 catalogs- that's my goal...kind of fun to have big goals though!
Anyways, that is what we are doing in a nutshell...hope you like the pictures, I sure do!


Lisa and Brady said...

Such Cute Pictures! He has got to be the cutest little Guy ever! We love little Ryker!!

Steve and Chelsie said...

Those are so cute! You have a cute little family!