Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ryker is now pulling himself up on furniture and his crib rails- all I can say is "here comes trouble!"
I wish I had a picture but Dustin had my camera "turkey hunting". I put that in quotations because-well-they really suck at hunting and haven't killed one animal this year- PETA would be so proud! Haha, just kidding, love you honey!
I am now working a whopping 8 hours a week at my mom's work and although a short break is nice, I miss Ryker like crazy! I want and have a need to be with him. After I got home, he seriously clung to me. He was like one of those baby monkeys with a death grip on my shirt- SO CUTE!
I am also going to start selling AVON for something to do this summer- if you want anything I'll be up and running soon- they seriously have such great products and most importantly- they are affordable.
I'll just keep talking about myself since I am on a roll- I have also made a cute toy for Ryker for church and when it's completely finished, I'll post a picture. It's a little car garage with Lightening McQueen and Mater- all made of felt so it won't disrupt sacrament!
I think that is all that is going on
PS Welcome back Grandma Louise!

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