Monday, September 21, 2009

Growing up...

I have been a slacker. Ryker is starting to get big SO fast and I haven't been keeping up well. In the last month, he:
Said his first words: Mama, Banana, Apple, Dada, Grandma...
Got very fast at crawling and "mogely walking"
Started to stand on his own
Shakes his head "no-no-no" all the time (but thankfully doesn't get the meaning...yet)
Gives lots of lovies and kisses
And I am sure lots more that I have missed.
He is so dang fun, I can't stand it. He is busy as a bee all the time, so that is why my house looks like it does :)
Here are some recent pictures:

Silly faces!

Riding to the dam...kind of a tight fit! :)
Nothing better than swimming naked while eating licorice!

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