Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Chance

We took advantage of our last chance to go to the zoo last week. I don't want it to get cold, especially since Ryker will be walking soon. What will I do in this little cracker box I call my home?!?
The zoo is so fun and Ryker actually really enjoyed it this time. He watched the monkeys very closely (maybe to learn their ways, I threaten to leave him there everytime we go...such a monkey!) Speaking of monkeys, that is what Ryker is being for Halloween and I am so excited- this coming from the girl who would rather lock her doors, turn off all the lights and hide when Halloween rolls around...
Where were we? Oh yeah, the zoo. Here are pictures (my camera, or the operator (me, not Kristi) clearly sucks at taking pictures, so please bear with me! Also, I look bad and can't figure out why...)
Baby elephant Zirri- SO cute!
Fun times!

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megan christensen said...

oh i love that little elephant.