Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dustin's family has land up Monte Cristo and we had never taken advantage of this nice camping spot as a family. It is usually reserved for the hunters only :) but since we all have families now, the whole family went up for a few weekends. There is a park, which is AWESOME for the kids and FLUSHING TOILETS (my idea of camping). Thanks to Josh and Nat we got a great ride- the Terex and so it would seem that our camping trip would be perfect...but NO!
Ryker is not and has never been a good sleeper. That is especially true when we are not at home. Well, having 7 people in his parent's trailer and him waking up at midnight screaming wasn't my idea of fun. It SUCKED! Come to find out the poor guy had hand-foot-and mouth disease! Anyways, I vow not to take him camping again until next year. Hopefully it gets easier when he is older...
I got to go scout for elk with the guys and we saw 3 spikes. It was fun, but not fun enough that I would want to go every weekend! Dustin tried to bow hunt...having never shot a bow before...needless to say he didn't get one :) Next up- rifle deer hunt.

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