Monday, November 30, 2009

The Good (No Bad or Ugly)

We got Ryker's test results and the good news is that he does not have celiac disease or cystic fibrosis! Don't get me wrong- I am very glad that he does not have a serious disease. We just can't help him becuase we don't know what is wrong! So so frustrating, but now we wait until we go see the great doctors down at Primary Childrens (December 12th). Thanks for all the support and prayers- they are very much appreciated.

In other news- we have chosen a house plan!! We still haven't got the lot stuff all squared away (hopefully by late January) but since the owner kind of likes us we think he is still game to have us as neighbors :)

Anyways- let me have your input- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here is the outside- it will be jazzed up a bit with some rock and hardy board. It will be darker too. There will also be 3 dormers on the roof. Basically, it won't look like this :)

Here is the houseplan itself. Horrible picture but I don't know how to get a bigger one. Anyways, there are a few changes that I tried to write in. They are just small: double sided wood burning fireplace, mudroom, walk in pantry and possibly a half bath added to the back of the house near the laundry and minor changes in the master bath.

  • Things I LOVE about this plan:
    Huge master (16X21) and large bedrooms (12X12)
    Nice open living area with a large island in the kitchen (don't be suprised if I never ever leave that kitchen).
    Fireplace and nice sitting area in back- I can envision myself sitting in my sunroom (I have always wanted one!) sitting with a book, blanket, hot cider and a nice fire reading a book while the snow falls. *sigh*
    Large walk in pantry for all of my future canning.
    Bonus room for crafts and lots of family fun!
    Dustin just loves the 3 car garage and we will be adding a lift for him to perfect his Camaro.

There is also a bonus room above the whole house that doubles our space (YEAH!) Since we can't have a basement due to the high water table, we are building up.

Seriously, tell me your input because living in this cracker box, I have no real ideas as to what makes a great house!


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Bre said...

great news about Ryker!!! exciting about the house too:)