Saturday, December 5, 2009

This kid...

....makes me giggle!

Puts 'nannas' on his head and says "uh-oh!" Screamed bloody murder the second we put him on Santa's lap (this one especially makes me giggle- is it mean to find humor in his pain?)
Gets a Carrot-top beard while eating spaghettios

Looks like a G in that hat and shirt (ignore the yucky carpet-we rent, remember)
Beware: mustache picture....
Thinks daddy's mustache was silly. I on the other hand found it to be absolutely horrendous. This was the last picture with that horrid thing- disclaimer: my husband is the hottest guy around- sans mustache!

Waits patiently for mommy when she goes to warm up the car in the mornings. I return to this huge grin across his face- love him!

I love my little guy and the many giggles he gives me everyday. Kids really do keep you young (except that no sleep part :)

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Lisa said...

So So Cute and Funny! I love the last picture of his little face and grin!!