Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Crash and Burn

Avert your eyes if you want our Christmas card to be a suprise! :)
I KNOW! STINKING cute huh? My friend Chelsie over at CS Cards designed them and I am so in love. They will have a little "whats new" letter with them and will be mailed out this week! YAY! Seriously go visit Chelsie for all your card and invitations!

Anyways, this year we decided to veto the usual Christmas tree. Why have one more danger in this too-small house for our little man when he already looks like this:

I know, I know- where are his parents? The cut on the cheek is from falling into a table while wearing his massive puffy coat. The ding on the forehead- got bucked off his bronc. The unrelated bruise? A tumble over Mommy's back, sans hands. He looks neglected, but really he is just so tipsy lately! Too fast- his balance just can't keep up!

We decorated our house so I thought I would post a few of my favorite decorations.
Advent calender that Ryker is loving! I guess this could count as our tree?
I made this sign and am loving it! (Yes, four stockings, I guess I get an extra one :)
I love the center sign- "Jesus once was a little child" and my Christus is by far my favorite all year decoration.

Well, there is the grand tour :) Hope you are all ready for Christmas, because I sure am not!


megan christensen said...

i like the pic of you on the A.

Lisa said...

That picture of Ryker makes me laugh!:) Poor little guy!