Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family Fun

Lately we have really been enjoying being our own little family. With Ryker getting older, it is more fun to take him places because he genuinely enjoys going out. In the past few weeks, we have taken a drive to Hardware Ranch to see the elk- suprise, no snow=no elk. It was a quick, cold, windy trip and this picture is terrible, but we still had fun talking and enjoying the scenery on the way up.

Ryker hates sleep, but he loves naps with Daddy. Here they are on the couch in "the thinker" and "quit taking pictures" positions. I love my guys!

We went to our ward party last night. It was really fun and great food. Dustin and I switched off taking Ryker to run the halls. All the other babies (toddlers?) his age sit very content...not our maniac! He was squealing and trying to pound on the piano and well, being himself. Tyson, a neighbor boy has a little brother the same age as Ryker and he played with Ryker all night saying "my baby doesn't walk yet! Look at him walk! (VERY loud forced laugh) He keeps saying tee-tee! (Another laugh)" Man, it was so fun to see him interact with other kids. I am sure we are the "bad parents" in our ward because our kid doesn't know how to "behave" but hey, how do you discipline a 1 year old and "make" him sit still. I say mission impossible.

Anyways, this is getting long. They had Santa come and I thought- oh, Ryker loves everyone! He will be fine...

Not so! Screaming bloody murder the second I put him on his lap. This picture makes me laugh so hard though (I know, scared does not equal funny, but I beg to differ!) Check out another post below for everything that makes me giggle about Ryker.

We are so glad we have our little guy and can experience being a kid all over again!

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K said...

I have a photo almost like this one. Santa is actually holding K out screaming. I entitled his scrapbook page, screaming on Santa's lap. It's a classic!