Saturday, April 3, 2010

Till' We Meet

What a,, 4 years. I lost another person I love last Monday. My cousin, Steven James Duncan passed away from kidney failure from diabetes. He was only 19 :(

I felt a loss that was so new for me. At the funeral yesterday, I felt a real aching because I miss Stevie, his mom Holly (who died 4 years ago from cancer), my step-dad Steve (who died of kidney failure 3 weeks before Ryker was born) and my grandpa Clynn (who died the night before Ryker was born). It was a physical ache unlike any other. Along with that ache came times of great peace.

Yesterday was Good Friday. The day that our Savior uttered the words "it is finished". The presiding bishop yesterday said it so well. Even though Jesus died, it was the best day in history because of all that it meant to the world.

I am so grateful for the gospel and the plan of happiness!

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Wes and Dani said...

I heard about Steven's death, and I just wanted to say I'm so sorry. Your family has really been through a lot over these past years.