Friday, April 9, 2010


Photoshop is my bestest friend lately. I have your typical digital camera but alas, it is not cutting it. The lighting is all wrong, there are no settings to change and monkey with...but at least I capture the fuzzy memories.

I have managed, with photoshop's help, to make some good looking pictures. This is my favorite.

I am smitten. In love. Enamoured. Totally swept off my feet.

This will hang in my new house, but until then, it will be a birthday gift for a very special someone.

PS- dear husband of mine: I always say I don't want anything, but pretty please with a cherry on top, can I have a professional camera. Loves- Ash

What kind of camera do you all have? I am lost as to what will be best.

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RileyandChristinaShaw said...

That's a really pretty picture. I love it. Sorry but I don't know which camera is best to buy. I too want a better camera so if you find out what's best let me know!!