Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Due Date

As you can see, we are at D-Day and there is no baby :)
The doctor says that I will be in labor in the next few days and I think that I am having contractions as we speak (although I always thought it would be easier to know if you are having a contraction...)
Hopefully we will be posting with pictures of a happy healthy little boy in the next little bit.
That's all for now!
Lots of love,
Ashley, Dustin and Baby Nielsen


S&C said...

Every time you post something new I get more and more excited! You will defiantly have to post pictures ASAP, I want to see this cute little boy. We (along with Trevor and Shan) should all get together and have dinner sometime when you feel like you can take the baby out. What do you think?

Oakstream Photography said...

Soooo any baby yet? Hurry hurry..hahahaha!!!!!