Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh wow, I must have been really busy lately- funny thing is, my appointment book looks like this ____________________ completely blank!! No school, no work- just fun!

We have been having a whole lot of fun lately! New Years Eve brought lots of fun at Dustin's parents. We have quite a puzzle obsession lately and also have been having fun playing spoons and oh darn!

New Years Day brought, guess what, MORE games at Grandma Nielsen's! We had good food and lots of fun. I love being with everyone so much- it is too bad that we are always so busy.

Like Dustin and I always tell each other- "there is never enough time or money!"

Dustin has found a little time out in the powder- Ryker thought he would help daddy get ready to go snowmobiling.

I have learned since Ryker was born to not take for granted or waste time EVER!

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