Monday, January 4, 2010


I have caught up a lot so check below if you want to know how Christmas was for us :)

His tummy is still bad. Our Primary Children's appointment gave us a lot of hope. We are waiting for test results and going back in for another test Friday. The doctor is testing for pancreatic enzyme disfunctions (would require medication), celiac disease (would require special diet) and cystic fibrosis again (this is not good and scares me, so we won't talk about it).
I think he is also allergic to pomegranites. He had an allergic reaction with terrible, bleeding diaper rash while I wasn't there :( He seems okay today, but his little bum is still burned :(

Enjoying being home and not in school. I am looking into a part-time job and haven't heard back from the three places I applied. I am loving being a stay at home mom and loving my time with Ryker!

Working hard but enjoying his time off. He has been snowmobiling a few times and loved his time off and playing with Ryker. They are best pals and I love watching their relationship!

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megan and darin said...

oh poor ryker. hang in there ash!