Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dun Dun Dun DUN!!!

That title looks creepy...but it is supposed to be a trumpet, or whatever it is when you have big news...perhaps a drumroll would be better *rrrrrrrr BING* (I really don't know, but this is big. huge!)

We have picked a house plan! This is a bigger commitment than marriage...okay...well not really, BUT we are going to live in this house forever and always so I wanted perfection. I came close but that darn budget just wouldn't let us squeeze in a bonus room...Let's take a tour of the Hayword....

Note the is so so ORANGE but don't worry, my contractor brother-in-law is super good at making things look awesome.

Step inside to THIS:
Just a few changes....
1. Most important: flip the house like a mirror image so the garage is on the right to fit the lot better.
2. The den will be a bedroom and will have the door in the hallway near the other bedroom
3. Move the 3rd car to be a little set back and open to the front like the other garage. The spot where the third car is right now will be turned into a large patio.

Just a little disclaimer (mostly to myself). The bedrooms are somewhat far apart which makes me nervous...but like Dustin reminded me "they are big more than they are little" code for: Ryker will sleep one of these days. That great room is really where we will be as a family.

I want it done NOW! Plans are being drawn up next week as well as finalization on the lot YAY! We so need in there like right now- we have big dreams for a HUGE garden...who would have known my veggie hating husband would be so excited about our garden and seed catalog coming in the mail?!? Almost as good as the tax return that could be entirely blown on our mega awesome garden.


K said...

Ahhhh! This is so awesome. I have to admit I am quite jealous right now. I am really fed up with my tiny, old house that I am grateful for of course but I so want new! This will be amazing for you guys when it's finished. Happy for you.

Trev and Shantel said...

Whoo Whoo Ashley! I am so excited for you guys to finally get your house! When are we getting together again?