Friday, February 19, 2010

Lovey oh lovey...

Reading through my parenting magazine last night, I thoroughly read an article on sleep. In hopes that I will find the solution to our nighttime mayhem, I thought I would find good information. The only advice that I wasn't following to the tee was for your child to have a lovey. Makes sense- Ryker uses me as a lovey- placing his hand on my neck just before bed.
So my questions for you parents out there- does your baby have a lovey? What do they use as a lovey? Is it possible to introduce a lovey since he is so old- and how exactally do you do that?
So many questions about one little thing- but I am hoping that by the time he is like 16 he will sleep through the night and that lovey may just help!


Lena Phillips said...

I'm sorry, I had to laugh at your last sentence, but then I felt guilty when I realized you probably aren't kidding. You poor thing! :(
Sariah doesn't have a lovey. She has a maybe that counts as a lovey. It's the only thing she needs to sleep. I always turn on a little musical stuffed animal that's in her crib before I leave her for bedtime. She seems to anticipate that.

Wes and Dani said...

I don't have kids...but I know that silky things are often something kids really like.

My little brother had a stuffed monkey called "Creature" that he slept with for years that had silky ears that he liked to hold onto and suck his thumb. (He'd probably be so embarrassed if he knew I was posting this on a blog-haha--twelve year olds are easily mortified. :))

Anyway, as for how to introduce it...Ryker's old enough you could probably explain it to him in a fun way that would make him think it was really neat. I don't know what that would be exactly--like I said, no kids--but it seems like it would be possible for him still at this age to get attached to something.

Good luck!!!

The Nelson's said...

Hey! Ha ha I had to laugh reading this because I read the exact same thing and the next day introduced a "lovey" or what we call a "snuggie" to Max! It worked great. I had gotten like a mini fleece blanket from my mom for one of my showers, it's like 2 fleece squares tied together. And 1 week later Max is in love with it. He holds on to it all night it is pretty stinking cute! I think that no matter how old they are it is never too old to introduce one. My goal was just to use it at bedtime, but Max loves to have his all the time, but maybe start with introducing it at bedtime and go from there. Good news is, Max sleeps like 9 hours a night now ever since! No joke...good luck!