Monday, August 3, 2009

Ropes Course and Other Stuff

Last week Dustin's family had a fun day where we went to the USU ropes course. The activities included:

Blind Man's Tag

Teeter-Totter Balance

Spider Web Shuttle

Wobbly Log

50 foot Rock Wall

Zip Line!

I ate lots of candy with Grandma!

It was the most fun I have had in a long long time. The best thing was, all the cousins were there- well, the out of state ones. Treisha's kids loved Ryker and he LOVED them! We ate Mandarin Garden and homemade sweet pork burritos and zucchini bread. Good thing we got a great workout in!

Saturday we went down to SLC to visit with Dustin's Aunt Lee...she has an aggressive form of cancer but is SO upbeat and optimistic. I just loved her and she loved Ryker. (Doesn't everyone :) I am going to get a picture of the view from Aunt Fran's penthouse apartment. It is right behind the conference center and the temple is right there- GORGEOUS!

Lee and Ryker

Are you talking to ME? Grandma Zoe and Ryker

Kent and Lori

The in-laws :) Scott and Cindy

Love this picture- Cousins Tandie and Tawnee with Grandpa Dar...what is he doing?!?!

We also got to stay at my sister-in-law Kristi's while the boys went on a camping trip for Colby's birthday. Nikelle just loves Ryker and trys to help out by picking him up. He goes limp and gets this "whatever" look on his face. SO CUTE!

They don't look ANYTHING alike....

Little man in a big chair

We have had a fun week and this week is going to be crazy. Our anniversary is tomorrow and we're going to look at houses (YAY!) Thanks for your input- we are going to probably buy instead of build now, thank goodness! Building with another company other than my brother-in-law with Highcountry Homebuilders is not really an option, but those neighborhood building things sound great!

We also are going to stay over at my Grandmas for 2 days with Uncle Brad so that she can get a much deserved vacation. As for vacations, Grandma Shanna is in ALASKA...jealous.

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