Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BIG Update

So, since our last update (which I didn't get actually posted until today...) we have had BIG changes. This:

is now our house...
that's right, pitching a tent and moving in...NOT! (Me, really camp? NO!)

We are going to build a house in the spring on a one acre lot in Providence (I will be home, YAY!) For those of you who know Providence at all, this is about 3 1/2 blocks north of the Elementary School. We are SO excited but due to stupid paper work and deciding on a house plan, we won't even start construction until Spring :( but the end is in sight! We are beyond excited and can't wait to spend the next 50 years or so right there!
PS: Thanks for those of you who suggested we buy a starter- this is going to be more affordable for us (just trust me :) and also, save us from moving to timbucktoo! We are so excited to be close to family.

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