Tuesday, August 11, 2009

9 Months

We went in for our little guy's 9 month check up and found out...he really is a little guy!

He is tipping the scales at 15.44 pounds, just .6 pounds more than his 6 month check up. So as if parenting isn't already full of worries, I now have to worry that there is something wrong because he is now in the ZERO percentile. His acid reflux and the hard month we just had with that is probably to blame. He is perfectly healthy and super active, so the Dr. just wants a weight check in a month. Until then, it's nothing but junk junk, junk! Just kidding- I don't need him even more wired!

As far as milestones go, he is now standing on his own for about 10 seconds, babbles constantly, finds hidden toys, throws mini-tantrums which are easily resolved, sleeps for 9 hour stretches and 12-13 hours at night :), giggles constantly, loves his daddy more than anything and is becoming quite the lady killer with those baby blues (Mommy just melts when he smiles or giggles).

Come out come out where ever you are!

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