Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to Work

It's official- I have a job! We are very excited because this means that we will now be starting our house ASAP. It also gives me a little break, Ryker a little socialization and all of his grandparents some much wanted time with him.

I am now the assistant office manager at Legacy Dental in Wellsville. I work for Dr. Tyler Hunt and with three other fun girls. I will just be working 16 hours a week and have a schedule that is going to work well especially for summer. The flexibility is going to be great and since I am planning on staying for quite a while, I will be able to adjust as needed for preschool and school.

This job is going to be such a blessing. We have prayed for something just like this and I am very glad that I didn't jump on other opportunities I was considering. There is so much to learn but I can't wait until I am comfortable with everything.


Wes and Dani said...

Congratulations--that sounds like a great job! :)

K said...

So glad you found a job with some flexibility. It is worth more than anything when you have kids.

jon and whit said...

congrats!! that will be perfect! my job is really felxible too and it's been awesome, it's like i don't really have a job because i'm home most of the time, especially when i NEED to be home. Way to go, hope you enjoy it!