Friday, March 5, 2010


I am so glad I have our wonderful brother in law as our general contractor. He knows how to speak gibberish. Reviewing our house plans with our equally wonderful drafter last night, I could have sworn we had been teleported to another country. "This can't be English" I thought- but I kept it to myself as to not look like a fool. (If you need either of these guys, let me know...he is beyond a perfectionist and does awesome work. She is super nice and by far the best deal around.)

Anyways, things are moving quickly now...a little too fast for me. I hate change, even though our new house is awesome. The lot, plans and mortgage will be rolling in the next 2 weeks...then it is a waiting game until I find a job...

Really, seriously? I thought I had credentials...*huge sigh* sometimes life just gets you down...I feel like a pretty big failure. Not that I ever feel supremely (diva-ishly) great about myself, but we don't end on a bad note and you don't all think I am such a whiner...I saved 55% at Macey's yesterday. I am now getting good at this whole coupon thing most of the time (yay for success!). Best deals I found:
The whole coupon book they released, namely the $3 off meat (just look for "FP" after the name of the meat) Pick it up at the front of the store, most are good until the 16th, some until the 31st.
Stauffer's mac and cheese for $1.99 (same as the 1/2 pound!)- normally $3.49
3 liter water for 88 cents (normally $1.89)- Great for food/water storage.

Go here for more great deals and matchups!

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Dana and Doug said...

Did you loose the lady I recommended for drafting up your house plan? I'm so excited for you guys and a little jealous though!