Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Morbid decor and AA

I will try to be sensitive as I explain this morbid? thought I had last night. I was at Allen Hall Mortuary to attend a viewing for a great neighbor of my mom's. I walked in and noticed they had redone their decor. I was there to pay my respects and I did graciously, but...man! It is seriously beautiful! White details with a mainly brown and blue theme. Most awesome were the mirrored dressers and other details throughout. Anyways...I am morbid and I want my house to look like the funeral home. Don't worry, I refrained from taking pictures or asking for the name of their decorator. Anyone else covet decor in odd places? Nope...alright then, I will keep it to myself :)

Other happenings...
We are getting our house plans drawn up on Thursday! The lot should be in our name by next week. Then, we wait...and wait...while I try to find a part time job that I don't want to go to. I think it shows in my interviews that I really want to be home with my little man *shrug*

My name is Ashley and I am addicted to coupons. I don't think this requires a trip to AlAnon but I may have to pay the cashiers to go to anger management classes. They don't have a coupon addiction, more like a hatred. I have kept track of my purchases and just in the last 2 days (I shop at the beginning of the month) we have saved over $45 or about 53%. YAY! Last week I saved about 80% on my shopping trip. I felt like a thief.

Just so you aren't completely picture-less...I made these sun shades and decorated with Ryker's favorite things (horses now trump deer, I just can't keep up). Tutorial here.


Wes and Dani said...

Look at you, Little Miss Crafty Pants! What a cute idea to make your own shades. And yes, I covet furniture in odd places...not as odd as the mortuary, but places like restaurants, old theaters, etc...but mostly magazines and online. Dang...why can't I be rich?!!?

And AWESOME job on the coupons. I love them too, but admittedly don't use them as religiously as I should.

K said...

I love the way those shades turned out. You are quite the little crafty gal. I also love coupons although I don't usually take them to the extreme level I should:) On the decor...sorry, so not on the same page on that one!