Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Knock-Off Wood

If you haven't heard about Knock-Off Wood, you really aren't living! The second I have a garage (and a babysitter), I am whipping out the power tools...okay, Dustin will whip out our borrowed power tools, we'll work away and furnish our house b.e.a.utifully for thousands less than purchased furniture.

Here's our (future) dining table
And benches!
Anywho...Ana- the owner and fabulous carpenter at KOW, makes absolutely NO money for her hard work on her extremely detailed plans. She looks at the fancy-schmancy websites like Pottery Barn and West Elm {swoon}, and then gives us plans (for free!) so we can build our own.

Pottery Barn is mad now...she uses their pictures (stating that they are knock-offs) and she now has to take those pictures down. Imagine...a company who makes way too much money off of something we can make ourselves and we support them?!?! (I don't think there is one in Utah, but still...)

So, scurry on over and check out Ana, and spread the word. Us bloggers should have freedom of speech, or the press, or whatever.


Lena Phillips said...

Oh my heck, that is too funny! I can't believe they feel so threatened. What rubbish!

K said...

What a great site. I love all things PB but don't own a single one! Who can afford it? I do however love the eye candy I get when I peruse their blog. I'm really impressed with that gal's talent. If only I had time to create some knock offs myself:) BTW there is one in Utah- Trolley Square.

AJ & Kandice said...

I totally agree! That blog is AMAZING! I told my husband that when we get a house I must have a shop full of power tools!