Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Holy Grail

After much searching, we have found it! A park, close to our house, appropriate for little ones. The search was long, but luckily not hard.

Park 1: Hyde Park where they have the pumpkin walk
Failed due to a foot of snow on the ground.

Park 2: Smithfield Elementary school
Failed due to the fact that there were a million other kids and the equipment was way too huge for mommy's comfort.

Park 3: Smithfield ball park
Failed due to being too large again

Park 4: (THE ONE!) Amalga Sugar Park
I know, Amalga?

Great points: 5 minute drive from our house, perfect for little ones, clean, newer equipment. It is perfect and the little one agrees. We spent a half hour in the car, another 15 minutes climbing on the bench...hey, something to climb on is something to climb on :) and 20 minutes of mom explaining that we can't just jump off the very top of the slide. It went something like this: "sit down, sit down...NO!" (catch Ryker midair as he leaps off the top) Ryker: hysterical laughing.
Spring To-Do List
Find a park? Check!
Find a way to keep stupid people on bikes away from the extremely wind-y roads in Benson before I pull my hair out? Still working on it!

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