Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Hey everyone,
We had a great Christmas at our house! I got a coat from Dustin, straightener, shirt and watch from my inlaws and mostly money from everyone else. Dustin got candy from us (hard to make it to the store with the little one), fly tying stuff and money. Ryker got a monkey gym, rocking horse and playpen along with clothes and a few small toys.
I have to share his cute picture. He is looking too old!
We are still waiting for the sleep issue to resolve itself. We are grateful that he only wakes up twice per night at about 1-2 and 4-5, but he thinks that he's supposed to be awake for the day at 5 am...I am a sleeper and he is not so it's tough. We are increasing and changing his reflux medicine because he is spitting up like crazy lately and it seems to hurt him.
I start school again on January 5th and am pretty nervous about juggling a baby, housework and school. Dustin is always willing to help along with my mom and wonderful family, so I should be fine.
Dustin has sold his dirtbike and hopefully we will sell his snowmobile this week.
Things are going well for the Nielsen family, hope you are all well also.
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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