Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unique Things About Us

Hey everyone,
I was tagged by Chelsie to post 6 Unique or Disturbing things about us. Here they are....

1. Dustin and I are both picky eaters. I hate red meat (but eat it if I have to), chocolate (will not eat at all, the smell makes me gag). Dustin only eats meat and potatoes. He will occassionally step out of his comfort zone but he hates all vegetables except corn.

2. I swear I was pregnant with Ryker in January because I was really nauseous that whole month. But, based on all our ultrasounds and the day he arrived, I wasn't pregnant till February. I felt like I was pregnant for 10 months.

3. Dustin has big feet (size 12) and really long toes. He can do "thumbs up" with his huge big toe. It's really disturbing but I really should get a picture :)

4. Opposites must attract.I graduated from high school with high grades, love school and won some academic scholarships. Dustin barely graduated and hates school. He's super active and I prefer to be a homebody. He loves hamburgers and they make me ill.

5. We live in a 120 year old house. We don't have a dishwasher and our bathroom sink can't have warm water because it has opposite taps for hot and cold. It has "character" and is alright for now. I actually love it because of where we live, in the country and next to family.

6. Ryker has a few cute quirks. When he gets excited he puts one arm straight out and moves it up and down. He also has a cute sound that sounds like he's saying "uh-huh".

Picture of my little guy- he loves his changing table!

I tag to tell us 6 unique things about you- Natalee, Ashlee Ward and Bre.


Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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S&C said...

Ha Ha you guys are so funny! Ryker looks just like Dustin in that picture!