Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey everyone,

Yep, we're sick at our house this week. I have had a cold for about 4 days and woke up the night before last with a 101.4 fever- awful. Dustin got a sore throat but I don't think that he'll get much worse. I was so worried about Ryker catching it and of course he did. I feel so bad but what do you do when you're nursing and the only one home with him during the day?

We went to the doctor and all is well, no RSV. He just has a lot of mucus. It is so sad to see your baby sick. He is acting alright though, no crying just a little more clingy. He is jabbering like crazy these days!

He now weighs- ready for this? I was shocked- 8 pounds 14 ounces! He's not the chicken little at 6 pounds that we brought home!

Here are some pictures- still cute while he's sick!

As you will notice in the pictures, he scratched his cheek TWICE in the same spot!

Hopefully we will get feeling better soon- the doctor says that we are probably over the worst of it.


Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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Bre said...

we have all had it here as well, I hope it does not hit our house again. HOpe you all feel better especially for the holidays! And your right he is still super cute being sick!