Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Little Screamer

Hey everyone, We have had a busy few weeks! I finally have pictures back from the blessing but now my scanner is having issues...I'll post them soon because he is so dang cute in his little tux! Ryker now knows that he has lungs and boy is he using them! He squeals and screeches all day long. At first I thought he was upset but nope, just happy and exploring his many talents. He is also grabbing everything with both hands and it all goes directly to his mouth. He can make his toys sing by pulling them and really enjoys that. He is quite the little flirt too, becoming so much fun. On the not so fun side of things, he has an ear infection. It's going on about a week and we took him to the doctor. It seems to bug him but I really don't want to give him antibiotics if I don't have to so we are sticking with the tylenol. He has been a momma's boy though (that's okay, I enjoy knowing I'm his favorite :) His sleep just keeps improving. He is sleeping longer and sounder. Must just come with age. I am feeling rested and actually slept in on Saturday! YAY!!! Dustin hurt his foot playing basketball. We are thinking it is broken because it's just getting worse. Of course he won't go to the doctor...men... I am trying to keep up with school and I think I am succeeding. I cannot wait for summer for about a million reasons, but the top of my list is that I won't have to go to school so I can spend my time with Ryker and being a mom and wife. My daily mantra is "May will be here soon enough!" That's all for now, Ryker is screeching and kicking at the desk...too fun! Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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