Monday, February 23, 2009

Signing Time

Hey everyone,
While working at the Up to 3 program, I learned some basic sign language. I have been excited to start signing with Ryker as studies have shown that signing can accelerate learning to speak and can improve vocabulary. I would also like him to be somewhat bilingual, because I sure wish I was!
So the other day I started signing to him while I talk. Just simple words like mommy, daddy, eat, milk, play, fun and we made a sign for Ryker- "R" sign while shaking your hand- because he is always moving. I just thought I would see what would happen and he listens and watches so intently when I sign.
We're going to continue signing and encouraging speech too. I'll keep you updated!
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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K said...

I did signing with K. I think it helps with their frustration level before they are able to talk. It provides a form of communication. It will probably be a little bit before Ryker is able to do it back, but it's always good to expose them early to new things.