Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Provident Living

Hey everyone,
It has been so long since I have been able to get postings up! We have quite a bit going on right now- mostly school and sickness. Ryker has had an ear infection and mild cold for 2 weeks and has been on antibiotics. I have had a cold and Dustin is just getting one. I am sick of the cold and sick of being sick!!! "Spring will be here soon!"
I have many goals for this year, one of which is to "get my house in order". I am attempting to continue building food storage. Right now I am also working on 72 hour kits. The sister in my ward who is in charge of preparedness is fabulous and has given us many resources through the USU extension to make this huge task easier. I am going week by week and month by month adding things as I go along.
I am really excited about this as you never know what is coming tomorrow.
That's all for now,
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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K said...

Sorry to hear that you've all been sick. It certainly comes with having a child. They pick stuff up and you just end up sharing the love through the entire family, just to have it come back full circle and start it all over again:) Best of luck with the 72 hour kits. We have pretty good kits, but they are always a work in progress. Especially with little ones that are growing. Every General Conference weekend we take out the food and eat it as a "party" and replace it with new food and then we update the clothes because he is growing so much that we have to do it about every six months. Good job taking the time to do it.