Sunday, February 22, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

Hey everyone,
So we are quickly outgrowing out two bedroom house we rent from my family. It has been so fun living next door to Grandpa and living in beautiful Benson but we are all feeling a little cramped. We have been looking at property and houses around and have decided that we want to move just North of the border into Idaho. It's a lot cheaper and so pretty! So anyways, we probably won't be buying in the next little while but eventually that is our plan. Just had to show you all the pretty house we found on 3 acres (we want horses, a shop and room to grow).
It is in Mink Creek, just north of Preston in beautiful Strawberry Canyon. Everytime we go through there I tell Dustin it is where I want to live. Now I am a little hesitant because it is an hour away from everything and everyone we know... We'll just have to see.
It is so us, all wood throughout and just cozy and cute. The landscaping needs some help and we'll add a shop and garage and horse pasture and garden.
Anyways, just had to tell you what was going on with us because I am super excited to maybe begin this new chapter.
Lots of love,
Ashley, Dustin and CRAZY Ryker

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