Friday, July 24, 2009

House, House, House

It seems like all we are doing lately is talking about houses, looking at houses online or calling our realtor or bank! We are a little antsy because, well, I live in a cracker box! So...I have put up a poll over on the right side- vote if you will so that I can see what others think about buying a house in this economy.
Dustin now is thinking about building with his brother as our contractor. My problem is- I don't want to build just to have it be too small for when we have another child and then build again! Also, he wants horses but we can't afford a huge lot and a new house! And, we can get more for our money by buying an 1990's house...I am so in love with the house in Dayton that I posted a while ago, but now Dustin thinks it's too far away...Men- always changing their minds (isn't is really supposed to be us women that do that?!?!)
For gosh sakes...if I make it through this decision without going crazy it will be a miracle. I seriously don't get to sleep until 1am because I worry and contemplate EVERYTHING!


Lena said...

We bought a started home, fixed it up a bit (nothing major) then sold it a few years later and are putting our equity toward our next home which is the house we plan to stay in forever. You can find some awesome deals on homes for sale especially in this economy. Good luck. Don't fret.

Steve and Chelsie said...

Ok so I heard an advertisement on the radio, for Sierra homes. I know they said something about starter homes starting at 118k. I got on and looked and those are over in tremonton. I don't know how far you are wanting to move, but they have other homes too, it looks like they have a lot of options, check it out. It's hope that may help!