Monday, March 30, 2009

Been Awhile...

Hey everyone,
We have been crazy busy, but just so I remember what has been happening in our lives lately here we go...

Has been sleeping better...hopefully that continues!
Is becoming mobile- rolls over, turns in circles, scoots frontwards and backwards and is getting up on his knees...hopefully this doesn't continue as I can't contain his energy right now!
Jumps and jumps and jumps in his horsey
Loves his daddy even more, but is still a momma's boy

Was in a fashion show and yes, I did make a fool of myself
Applied for a job with Up to 3 where I worked over the summer. I would be working mostly from home so this would be perfect, we find out today if I got it!
Is so sick of school she could scream, but I know I will make it!

Is still snowmobiling and loving this weather (opposites attract I guess...I hate it!)
Bought a new fly fishing pole and loves it!

So that is what is happening in the Nielsen family in a nutshell....have to share this cute picture and will upload more when I get a second.

Drooly Elmer Fudd?
That's all for now...hopefully spring will come sometime soon!
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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