Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Day!

The other day was so great! I went to the mall with Kristi and found some cute jeans for $15. I picked up size 5 and 3/4. They were both too big so I tried on 1/2s just for fun. They were also too big so miss Ashley, who was in size 7 when Ryker was born is in a size 0! I was so excited...haven't been that small since I met Dustin.
In other news, Ryker has a tooth! It just cut through the gum- no wonder he didn't nap on Wednesday- poor kid was teething! He is also obsessed with smacking his lips together. So cute! He is also sitting up better everyday.

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Oakstream Photography said...

OMGOSH you little skinny minny!!!!!!! LUCKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

He is getting sooooo big. What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad everything is going soo well for you & your little family!