Monday, March 2, 2009

Working Mom

Hey everyone,
For the first time I had a feel of what it would be like to work and be a mom. I have an internship where I spend time with a sweet lady with Alzheimer's disease. I usually just go for 4 hours on Saturdays but this week I needed to be there for 8.
Kristi, Dustin's brother Colby's wife (they really should have a name for this relationship- is she my sister in law- in law?). Anyways, Kristi and her little girl Nikelle watched Ryker for me. They brought him to me twice to feed him so I did see him throughout the day.
It was so hard to not have him with me all day! I knew he would be fine but I missed him so much! It was also sad that he really didn't seem to miss me that much. He would have only needed to eat once and had I been able to pump, he wouldn't have even needed me ALL DAY! How sad! I like being needed!
Thanks Kristi for having tons of fun with Ryker. They went to Brigham, ate at a restaurant and even gave Ryker his first real meal (popcorn and rice)! Kristi wanted Ryker to sit up because that's his favorite thing to do. They didn't have a baby bouncer or anything so her mom said "I'll show you how we did it before the days of bouncers!"

Here is the result...
A pillow+ a washcloth + a chair= old way of sitting up babies :)
At first he was just sitting there with no toys and Twila said- "give him some toys so it doesn't look like we tied him to a chair and left him there!"
Kel also made sure Ryker was well taken care of. She is 2 and just loves Ryker to death. When we go over to her house the first thing she does is take out his wipes, diaper and changing pad and insists we change his diaper. She always tells me- "he peed!" If he doesn't need it changed, she patiently waits with all the gear until we are ready. What a good little mommy!
On Saturday, she rocked him when he got upset in the store and was sneaky and held his hand when he was sleeping- she loves to do this, although he resists most of the time.

Thanks guys for being his mommy for the day. I hope I don't ever have to leave him for that long again!

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