Thursday, March 19, 2009

Power Struggle

Hey everyone,
Ryker has gotten quite the little mind of his own lately. He gets so mad when we don't do things the way he wants. Needless to say, it is wearing us out quite quickly.
Me being the pushover I tend to be, I just can't stand to hear him cry. I called the doctor today about something else, but casually mentioned that naptime, bedtime and sleeping has become a power struggle (have I not posted about this about 1 million times?) They said that he really should be able to put himself to sleep at this age and should only wake up maybe once to eat at night. Not happening---well it was about a month ago but then the attitude started. So....
I'm standing my ground. I will have a child that isn't so needy and that can put himself to sleep. He is crying right now, refusing to take a nap. I feel like the worst mom but seriously, if I don't do something I may rip my hair out!
There is my rant for today...this being a mom stuff isn't for wimps!

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