Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break!

Hey everyone,
It's Spring Break and I kicked it off by...sleeping in. Ryker slept till 9, which is unheard of for my early riser...usually it is 6:30. So what's on the agenda this week? NOTHING! I will probably be bored but I'm going to try to get my house all cleaned and organized.
In other news, Ryker is 4 months old! He is so huge. I packed up all the clothes that are too small and looking at those premie clothes amazed me. He was that small? I don't remember! He is so curious. Hard to control him at meal time cuz he just wants to look around. He is eating cereal and gets so mad when its gone. He also gets mad when we eat without him.
Notice the curiousity...can't keep anything out of his hands :)
He also rolled over today. He has done this before but now he actually knows what he is doing. He also sits up, sometimes he falls over but for the most part he can sit by himself. I took him to the store and put him in the cart today. He sat like a big boy even though his legs don't even come out of the leg holes in the cart :)

That's all that is going on right now...enjoying the extremely snowy spring break...the irony.
Ashley, Dustin and Ryker

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Kami said...

Ashley I can't believe how big he is! He is so cute!!!