Friday, July 17, 2009

"The Club"

Ryker and I have joined "the club"....the all-nighter club! Ryker has slept through the night for 5 straight nights! (I know, finally after 8 months!) He puts himself to sleep at 8, wakes up once and cries for like 2 minutes, but then it's quiet until 6! I get a full 8 hours of sleep and then he comes into my bed until 9...I think I have died and gone to heaven.
The reason for all this? ZANTAC...I love you Zantac! After adding this to his medicine regiman he is a different sleeper! I am also a much happier mommy :)
I just had to update and brag a bit about my little man.
In other news, I now have a new toy that I need...a Dyson PINK vacuum (how fun would cleaning be when you are using a pink vacuum?!?!) I am on strike from vacuuming until I get a new one...the other night I cleaned the front room and Ryker came right after me, picking up stuff and putting it in his mouth. Why bother? My current vacuum sucks (well, it really doesnt- that's the problem!)
Dustin inherited a truck- a '65 Ford! :) After a little work, it runs like a champ. Sorry again for the lack of pictures but I have misplaced my camera charger (me? Misplace something? How odd!)
Today and this weekend we are: possibly going to look at houses and/or talk to a loan person, go to the Thalman reunion, going to the doctor with Grandma Joyce (we are praying she hasn't broken her hip), getting Ryker a haircut (mullet mania going on!), going to Brock's wedding, having lunch with my Dad's family, being set apart as compassionate service committee member in church and probably having lunch with Dustin's family on Sunday (wow!)